Drop and Give me 10!

Drop your excuses and give me 10 minutes to change your body!

Join Tara for a variety of challenging workouts specially designed to promote total body wellness and your best you!

All workouts offer a beginner’s option for those who want or need to modify

Trim in 10 Cardio Challenges
Get your heart pumping and your body burning with these fast and fun cardio workouts! Formats include: Belly Burn (drills with core focus), Kickboxing, Floor Aerobics, HiiT (high intensity interval training), Step, Cardio Bounce (stability ball).
Trim in 10 Torso Tacklers
You won’t find a bunch of boring and ineffective crunches here! These innovative exercises will have your tummy looking toned and taut in no time. Core workouts include: All Ball, Mat Core, Kickboxing Core, Weighted Core, Plank Core, Resistance Band Core
Trim in 10 Strength Stackers
You’ll want to show off your new strength and muscle-tone after completing these short, muscle-specific workouts! Strength segments: Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs
Trim in 10 Total Body Set
Transform and target your entire body with this All-in-One set comprised of Cardio Challenges, Torso Tacklers, and Strength Stackers. 18 different workouts on 3 DVD’s! This set includes includes 3 free detailed training programs to maximize your results! No guessing what workout to do when, just a fast, fun, and complete fitness program.