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Video Post, Feature Exercise: Front Squat

Feb 25

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2/25/2014 11:35 PM  RssIcon

If you've never done a front squat then it's high time you started! It's a great variation of a staple exercise. 

***Note: This should be done with ONLY your body weight if you are new to exercise or have knee and/or back issues. It can help with these pains by strengthening the supporting muscles but could cause injury if done incorrectly or with too much weight. Please perform at your own risk.***

Hello from my home studio in Kansas City, Missouri! Here's a little sneak into my world, including one of my kitties (Gus) and my postpartum body recovery in-progress! In other words, excuse my feline who feels the need to be involved in every workout I do, and the little extra body fat I'm still working to lose after having a gorgeous baby boy this fall. ;-)

You can find the Front Squat feature on my YouTube channel. 

YouTube TaraFit: Front Squat



Coming next: A less-than-traditional stretch for the quadriceps we just fried.

Happy Fitness!