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My in-home fitness DVD obsession

Jan 8

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I am often asked what I do when I workout at home. I rarely get to a gym anymore since my kids don't tolerate their childcare and I don't begin teaching until I can leave the new baby at home with Daddy, usually around the one year mark.

Here is my catalog of DVD's, alphabetically, and some of my thoughts on several. Please feel free to comment if you'd like to know about a specific one. My collection is extensive enough that I haven't even done all of them. If you want to now about one that I haven't done yet, I'll certainly put my own training program on hold for a day to do it!

4 Day Split Cathe Friedrich Great time-efficient strength/cardio program!
Ab Circuits Cathe Friedrich This is my go-to for advanced core work. 6 different workouts, 20 min veach
Ab Hits Cathe Friedrich My least fave for core. Doesn't feel very comprehensive. A little outdated.
Ballet 101   One I bought to help me learn terminology when I took up ballet at age 30.
Ballet Class for Beginners David Howard Ditto.
Bender Ball: Core Leslee Bender A little boring and I don't agree with the technique and form.
Bender Ball: Selective Core Leslee Bender  
Bender Ball: Healthy Back Leslee Bender  
Bender Ball: Healthy Back 2 Leslee Bender  
Cardio Core Circuit Cathe Friedrich  
Cardio Fusion Cathe Friedrich Compilation of Cathe's other DVDs. Some fun step combos.
CIA 2604 Double Cardio Sharon Twombly, Seasun Zeiger Love the Bosu Step! Not a beginner's workout. Need step experience to take the steps to a Bosu safely.
Core Firing Sequence Lindsay Brin Where I start with my core repair postpartum. Boring but effective.
Core Fitness for Moms Lindsay Brin  
Core Max Cathe Friedrich Another Cathe fave! 3 great core workouts, 20 min each.
Core Metabolic Jumpstart Lindsay Brin  
Cross Train Xpress All Step Cathe Friedrich  
Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs Jackie Warner 2 challenging workouts with NO crunches. Intermediate/Advanced
FlexTrain Cathe Friedrich  
Great Glutes Cathe Friedrich  
Greatest Hits Vol 1 STEP Cathe Friedrich Fun compilation of Cathe's traditional step workouts! LOVE.
High Reps Cathe Friedrich Great, challenging, total body strength training using high reps/heavy weights. Love-hate this one!
HiiT Cathe Friedrich 3 tough ones! Double the length of Trim in 10's HiiT and you'd have this.
HiLo Dome Challenge Amy Bento FUN floor aerobics workout. Long but awesome, advanced choreography.
IMAX 3 Cathe Friedrich For me, the hardest of Cathe's step workouts. 10 combos, 10 high intensity blasts.
Intensity Cathe Friedrich  
Kick Max Cathe Friedrich Classic Cathe kickboxing. One of my faves! Beginner friendly but still challenging for advanced.
Kick Punch & Crunch Cathe Friedrich Probably my fave kickboxing! Intense, fast-moving, great kick-punch combos.
Kickbox Xtreme Amy Bento Fancy, dancy choreography but fun and never boring.
KorFlex 7 in 7 Abdominals   Guilty pleasure. Bought this from TV and have used it for 10+ years. Great resistance band core work.
KorFlex Pilates    
KorFlex Yoga    
Lean Legs & Abs Cathe Friedrich  
MMA: Boxing Cathe Friedrich Love this! Creative punching combos with some simple boxing drills mixed in. Short but great!
Party Rockin' Step #1 Cathe Friedrich This is my new fave Cathe step!! I've been teaching step for over 10 years and this one trips me up! FUN!
Party Rockin' Step #2 Cathe Friedrich  
Postnatal Bootcamp Lindsay Brin A little boring but a good workout and very safe for just starting back, postpartum.
Postnatal Bootcamp 2 Lindsay Brin  
Pregnancy 3-Pack Lindsay Brin Too easy for me in pregnancy, but very safe and a great option for those who need modifying or are new to fitness.
Pretty Fierce Lean Out Lindsay Brin  
Pretty Fierce Weight Loss Lindsay Brin  
Rockout Knockout Cathe Friedrich More great Cathe kickboxing! Her newest and certainly not disappointing.
Shed 5 Fast Lindsay Brin Nice short workout but not super exciting. Simple and very beginner friendly.
Step Moves Cathe Friedrich Fun Cathe step! Dancy choreography. Intermediate.
STS Mesocycle #1 Cathe Friedrich Hardcore, heavy weight, high reps. Awesome and awful all at the same time. 12, 60+ min workouts.
STS Mesocycle #2 Cathe Friedrich Hardcore, heavier weight, moderate reps. Awesome and awful all at the same time. 12, 60+ min workouts.
STS Mesocycle #3 Cathe Friedrich Hardcore, heaviest weight, lower reps. Awesome and awful at the same time. 12, 60+ min workouts.
STS Total Body Cathe Friedrich Great total body strength workout. A little easier than the STS Mesocycles but still challenging.
Travel Fit Cathe Friedrich What I take with me when I'm away from my home fitness studio. Strength training using just resistance band.
Trim in 10 Tara Huffman 3 DVDs. 18 different, 10 min workouts. I'm very proud of my work and these workouts are VERY effective! Comprehensive strength, cardio, & core program.
Turbo Barre Cathe Friedrich I haven't been able to do this one to the intensity that Cathe teaches! Awesome but tough! My legs cramp a lot!
X10 Cathe Friedrich  
Xtrain All Out Low Impact HiiT Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Bi's & Tri's Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Burn Sets Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Chest Back & Shoulders Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Hard Strikes Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Legs, Bonus Rear Delts Cathe Friedrich  
XTrain Supercuts Cathe Friedrich Great and creative strength training. Combo exercises, using multiple muscle groups at once.
Yoga for Stress Relief Barbara Benagh  


Happy Fitness!